SDN Publications

Publications are the easiest to identify components of knowledge transfer. The following list the nearly two dozen accepted publications. It does not include publications in preparation or currently under review.

Andrew Odlyzko: Papers on Communication Networks and Related Topics. Will smart pricing finally take off? To appear in Smart Data Pricing, S. Sen, C. Joe-Wong, S. Ha, and M. Chiang, eds., Wiley, 2014.

Dongting Yu, Andrew W. Moore, Chris Hall, Ross Anderson, Authentication for Resilience: the Case of SDN. In Proceedings of the Security Protocols Workshop 2013 (LNCS vol. 8263).

Dongting Yu, SDN Security and Resilience. 6 Aug 2013 at ESnet/Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Dongting Yu, SDN Security and Resilience. 7 Aug 2013 at Open Networking Lab (ON.LAB)

Dongting Yu, Security: a killer app for SDN?. 19 Sept 2013 at SICSA Software-Defined Networking workshop

L. Jean Camp, Designing for Trust. RSA Invited Speaker (Bedford, MA) 5 November 2013.

L. Jean Camp, Security Designers are the Weakest Link. Communications Futures Program (CFP) Speaker Series CSAIL MIT, (Cambridge, MA) 22 October 2013.

L. Jean Camp, Efficient Methods to Guard Against Online Risk. Executive Office of the President, National Security Staff, (Washington, DC) 27 September 2013.

L. Jean Camp, Security as a Common Pools Good. 2013 Blouin Creative Leadership Summit, Metropolitan Club (New York, NY) 25 September 2013.

L. Jean Camp, Security, Usability, and Why We Have Neither. HotSec '13: 2013 USENIX Summit on Hot Topics in Security (Washington, DC) 13 August 2013.

L. Jean Camp, Economics of Cybersecurity. National Grid Cyber-security Research Centre, University of Aberdeen, (Aberdeen, UK) 15 March 2013.

L. Jean Camp, Enabling Cybersecurity. Horizon Digital Economy, U. of Nottingham (Nottingham, UK) 13 March 2013.

L. Jean Camp, Risk Communication for Cybersecurity. Computr Science and Telecommunications Board, National Academy of Sciences, (Washington, DC) 12 March 2013.

V. Garg, and L. Jean Camp, Heuristics and Biases: Implications for Security Design, IEEE Technology & Society, Mar. 2013.

Z. Dong, A. Kapadia and L Jean Camp, Pinning and Binning: Building Whitelists and Blacklists Using Machine Learning. ACSAC Extended Abstracts, (New Orlean, LA) 3-7 December 2013.

Vaibhav Garg and L Jean Camp, Spare the Rod Spoil the Security?. TPRC, (Arlington, VA) 26-30 September 2013.

Kevin Benton, L Jean Camp & Chris Small, OpenFlow Vulnerability Assessment. HotSDN, August 2013, (Hong Kong) (extended abstract)

Shaddi Hasan,Yahel Ben-David,Colin Scott,Eric A. Brewer,Scott Shenker:Enhancing rural connectivity with software defined networks. ACM DEV 2013: 49

Sam Whitlock,Colin Scott,Scott Shenker:Brief announcement: techniques for programmatically troubleshooting distributed systems. PODC 2013: 134-136

Brandon Heller,Colin Scott,Nick McKeown,Scott Shenker,Andreas Wundsam,Hongyi Zeng,Sam Whitlock,Vimalkumar Jeyakumar,Nikhil Handigol,James McCauley,Kyriakos Zarifis,Peyman Kazemian:Leveraging SDN layering to systematically troubleshoot networks.HotSDN 2013: 37-42

Aurojit Panda,Colin Scott,Ali Ghodsi,Teemu Koponen,Scott Shenker:CAP for networks.HotSDN 2013: 91-96

Seyed Kaveh Fayazbakhsh,Yin Lin,Amin Tootoonchian,Ali Ghodsi,Teemu Koponen,Bruce M. Maggs,K. C. Ng,Vyas Sekar,Scott Shenker:Less pain, most of the gain: incrementally deployable ICN.SIGCOMM 2013: 147-158 ?

Sangjin Han (U.C.Berkeley), Norbert Egi (Huawei Corp.), Aurojit Panda, Sylvia Ratnasamy (U.C.Berkeley), Guangyu Shi (Huawei Corp.), Scott Shenker (U.C.Berkeley and ICSI). Network Support for Resource Disaggregation in Next-Generation Data Centers. Hotnets 2013